How to cope with unemployment or lack of direction in life?

How to cope with education, unemployment or lack of direction in life


"It's not a terrible thing that we feel fear when faced with the unknown. It is part of being alive, something we all share." - Pema Chodron

A path of education or employment is more than just a part of our lives for most of us. It has to do with purpose, commitment, accomplishment and more than just a means of survival or income. This piece of advice is close to my heart. As a budding psychologist, I go through phases of a work crisis, to find the work that would justify my expertise. During times of uncertainty as now, it is necessary for us to follow some healthy coping strategies. So here’s from my personal lens. Read on :)

During the pandemic, many of us have either lost our existing job or are unable to find a new one. For students, it has been a rollercoaster to give examinations and move on in their education. Either of these groups have been feeling a sense of uncertainty every now and then that is the cause for stress and other mental health imbalances. I am giving a thinking direction in this article which will hopefully help you through these times and if not, my sessions are always welcome.

Few of the many tips for healthy coping and working:

Let yourself feel the emotions and face your feelings in a healthy way

Acknowledging your feelings and challenging your negative thoughts will help you deal with the loss and move on in a healthy way, when needed reach out to family and friends. Do not push away your worry, face it and teach yourself to cope in a positive and healthy way.

Take time and share your emotions

Give yourself time to adjust with your uncertainty, write about your feelings and thoughts or speak them out to yourself or others. This shall help these pass and help you move on to the next step. To cope with emotions and thoughts, we can practice mindful exercises like meditation and breathwork. I cannot emphasise breathing exercises enough to help you know how useful they can be and highly effective to reduce stress and help you relax. (Refer to my mindful exercises article)

Accept reality and strategize

After being able to process your anxieties and stress, you will be able to rationalise with yourself. Now is when we can try to look out for a solution focused approach. Explore your options and the next step.

"the uncertainty does not define your worth, your skills and talents"

Remember to stay de-attached to the idea of validation yourself with your job and educational accomplishments. It cannot define who you are, or who you can be.

temporary setback or

preparatory phase

Think of the uncertainty as a temporary setback, as it will pass with time and work. Even better, think of these times as preparatory phases for growth and the next level.

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