How to take care of your Mental Health during Covid-19?

The pandemic has been quite unexpected for all of us. During the Corona-virus pandemic, it has been both a necessity and our responsibility to follow the rules of social distancing. Although, some relaxations have been made of Covid-19 lockdown, the restrictions are still being followed due to the increasing cases in the world. Amongst the major restrictions of the lockdown, not been able to socialise has been a limitation alongside the drastic change of plans for everyone in 2020. This has been a cause of anxiety and stress all around the globe. Many of us are feeling out of place, lack of routine, lazy, and often moody. At times like this, it becomes crucial and the first priority for all of us to take care of our mental health and of each other. Even though there are multiple helplines that are offering mental health help during Covid-19, it is essential to always start from taking care of your mental health at a personal level.

Here are some tips on how to take care of your mental health during COVID and otherwise on a regular basis by following some simple techniques:

Make a Routine: During lock-down, being at home most of the time makes it difficult to follow and stick to a routine. Until now we had been used to having a work time and then the rest of the time to relax at home. But since that’s out of the window, let’s try to make a routine to stick to by ourselves!

Psychological Benefits of Routine: Having a routine reduces the uncertainty and helps manage the levels of stress. It helps reduce anxiety and keeps you motivated to do the daily activities. Once you stick to an everyday routine, you would experience an improved quality of sleep and a regular pattern of sleep that helps you in staying energised for the next day too. When you know the tasks to accomplish in a day, you do finish more tasks than when one does not follow a routine.

Look after your body: Stick to a routine for eating everyday during the quarantine. Stay hydrated, keep drinking a good amount of water to keep your body from dehydration. Sleep well, make sure you get enough sleep at least 7 hours or as per you think is needed for your body to function well and feel energetic. Including an exercise routine is essential, it can be for as little as 5-7 mins, to 30 minutes.

Psychological Benefits of Physical health: It is no surprise that taking care of your physical health definitely helps improve your mental health and vice versa. Eating on time, sleeping well and staying hydrated helps your brain be active, healthy and helps in healthy functioning. Also going for a walk, or having an exercise routine, even for 5-7 mins a day would help improve physical health and in turn mental health.

Don’t be guilty and take a break when needed: it is alright to have lazy days sometimes! It is totally alright! One cannot function every single day perfectly, procrastination is as real the air we breathe! Okay, that’s a little exaggeration, but you know what I mean, haha! Have one day for resting and doing whatever the heaven it is that you want to do. Sit idle, binge watch your favourite shows, cook, and do anything basically that you wanted to do when your brain was working during the week.

Psychological Benefits of taking a chill day: the simplest benefit is that it replenishes your brain activity. You look forward to this day and work twice as productive. You feel energised after the break and ready to accomplish more. It helps your mind rest and think about your emotions and address them too. Research shows that having breaks often helps build social skills! Exciting right!

Make a Social Interaction Time: In a day, make sure that you have one hour dedicated to talking to your family, friends, or doing one activity with your circle of people. Either having a chai-conversation at one designated 5 o’clock or just cooking together would help you feel good and connected during the social isolation. This is a great tested tip to avoid loneliness and share your heart out once in a day!

Psychological Benefits of Social time: Talking to someone you like or trust helps you feel secure and healthy in your thoughts and emotions too. Sometimes other people can give a better perspective towards what we are thinking than us as they look at it from the outside. Research has shown that social time helps you feel good about yourself and talking your day out helps organise your thoughts better.

Give your artistic side some space: do something creative and artsy during this time. Writing, painting, sketching, playing music, and just learning all those skills that you’ve been waiting to learn and explore. For practising your creativity, you can do some tasks puzzles or riddles that can help boost your confidence and skill you up!

Psychological Benefits: Research studies have shown that doing artistic activities gives your brain something to focus on and ponder upon. It diverts your mind from any thoughts or anxious feelings that you’ve had all-day thus reducing anxiety and stress throughout, increasing productivity and satisfaction.

For any further assistance, do not hesitate to facilitate yourself to a higher level of care to mental health professionals. Talk to you soon, until then...



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