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A Psychologist with a demonstrated history of working in the mental health care industry and the social work sector. Skilled in Counselling, Psychological Assessment, and Data Analysis. Trained with a Master of Arts - MA focused on Clinical, Counseling, and Applied Psychology. Over 2 years of experience working in the Social work sector with underprivileged children, counseling, and nurturing them with life skills. Counseling experience with adults with Stress, Anxiety, Depression, personality disorders, General anxiety and OCD, and children with Intellectual Disabilities and Special needs.

Assistance and Life Coaching to people who are seeking Self-Improvement. With Kindly, (Mental Health Service), I am a listening ear, feel free to contact.

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Seminars, Workshops & Retreats

The workshops are short-term, structured, and agenda led. Most come from a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) perspective. The workshops are open to between four and 20 participants at a time.

Workshops can be interactive, so please be prepared to participate (asking questions, doing the exercises, making sense of how the information might apply to you), however, they are not therapeutic groups, and you will not be expected to share anything too personal with others in the workshops. Workshops range from a single session to a workshop series, attending all sessions in a series is advisable as they relate to one another.

Seminars on specific topics, to spread mental health awareness and sensitivity as well as prepare individuals to deal with one another.

Counseling Services

The Counselling Service is here to help you gain understanding and insight into any difficulties you may be experiencing, to develop emotional resilience, and to put into effect real change, enabling you to fulfill your academic and personal potential. Listening and Speaking has power. Discover that power with me. 

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Actively seeking opportunities in Mental health projects, Social Work and Counseling, to spread awareness and make mental health available. Open to CREATE and INNOVATE. Advising Companies and Entrepreneurs devise platforms for mental health and for scalable business opportunities. Ready to collaborate on creative projects for social impacts and change-making.


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